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Patriot or zealot?

The word ‘patriot’ can sometimes be difficult to use in civilised company. Ideally it refers to someone who cares deeply about the best interests of their country and quietly goes about making it a better place in which to live. Such people allow their actions to speak for themselves and do not engage in self-promotion. Too often though in the public view, a self-declared patriot is a chest-beating zealot who will blindly follow the dictates of any demagogue preaching the ‘exceptionalism’ of their particular country as an excuse to exploit other nations.

There is nothing wrong with national pride, such as when people support their fellow countrymen at international sporting fixtures like the Olympic Games or Rugby World Cup. These contests, however, are only sport and the competitors often shake hands or embrace their opponents after the event. It is okay.

What is not okay is when the fires of patriotism are stoked to the point when a Government can get enough people to unquestioningly support the armed invasion of another country, like Iraq in 2003 … or Poland in 1939. This is the terrible “my country right or wrong” philosophy which can lead to millions being killed. In the age of weapons of mass destruction this thinking is ever more dangerous.

In view of the history of international armed conflict in the world it is obvious that what has been lacking is a strong unifying influence globally. The need for unity has been recognised in the past 100 years with the setting up of the League of Nations after WW1 and the United Nations following WW2. Yet despite all of these very laudable efforts, the reality of a unified world has escaped mankind.

What is needed now is that the leaders and people of every nation grow in the sense of patriotism that does not end at the borders of their nation, but encompasses the whole globe. This “international patriotism” is a patriotism to life – and life is equally present everywhere in every nation.


Unity Consciousness

There is a level of consciousness where one does not see oneself as separate from the rest of the world, but part and parcel of life everywhere. This is what we instructors of Transcendental Meditation refer to as Unity Consciousness. Unity Consciousness is the fullest development of human awareness based on the perfect and harmonious functioning of the central nervous system. Progress toward this exalted level begins from the very first day of learning the TM technique. Along with all the other benefits from regular TM practice comes a growing sense of inner peace which is reflected in the behaviour of the individual.

The foundation of world peace is the development of this peaceful quality in the consciousness of all world citizens, however that does mean reaching billions of people. Quite a logistical problem if you were trying to deal with them all individually and get it done by Xmas! Fortunately for over the past forty years we have known of a proven way to uplift the collective consciousness of a community, a nation, and the planet by a relatively small number of people.


The Maharishi Effect


It is the group practice of Transcendental Meditation and its advanced TM-Sidhi programme including Yogic Flying. Numerous published scientific studies have verified the “Maharishi Effect” or lowering of levels of conflict, crime and anti-social tendencies as a result of this programme in a given population. There is a minimum size needed for any such group to be effective and this is the square root of 1% of the overall population.

For New Zealand this is just over 200 participants, and for the whole world we are talking of a group of over 8,000. That is just the minimum so the more the better. The knowledge is there, all that is needed is recognition and support by those who are in a position to make such groups a permanent reality. For more information on this initiative and how it works please visit:

The Global Country of World Peace


Global Country of World Peace flag

The undertaking is to create a global country of the unity of all nations to maintain permanent world peace and prosperity. This is very necessary and in fact this is the rising reality of our world today. According to TM founder, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, it was not a matter of if, but when it will happen. With an eye to the future he named his international organisation The Global Country Of World Peace.

This organisation operates at the deepest level of life to establish an indomitable influence of unity in the world while supporting the sovereignty of every nation along with the cultures of every nation.


Find a certified Transcendental Meditation teacher near you. There are 9 teaching centres throughout New Zealand, offering free no-obligation introductory lectures every week.

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